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MS-Macerator Grinder

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Our MS-Series Maseratör, single-rotor system. There is high speed rotating shredder blades. Waste from the blades through the crushing chamber is quickly screen. Sewage pumps and waste water pipes clogging problem is completely eliminated. Prevents sewage overflows. Sludge systems, pulp lines, waste water plants, biogas plants, fish waste, slaughterhouse waste, bad food destruction, wash water channels fertilizer tanks are used safely in many areas, such as hospitals and nursing homes. MT technology provides minimum power consumption and maximum performance.

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  • Special alloy steel shredder blades;
  • Bi-directional movement of the blade;
  • Easy changeable blade system;
  • Stone and metal extracting section;
  • Screen system;
  • SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS electrical / electronic equipment;
  • Sealing systems;
  • Service / maintenance and ease of installation;
  • Design for job safety;
  • Emergency stop buttons;
  • Easy to intervention in case of failure;
  • Standard input / output flange connections;


  • Inverter drive;
  • Production at various flow rates;
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Our machines; Septic Shredder, Shredder Waste Water, Waste Water Shredder, Waste Water Grinder, Macerator Waste Water Grinder, Sewage Grinder Macerator, you can safely use.



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